Abstract of Chapter 1:

There are two things I have learnt from my experience above as a parent: you are not necessarily born to be a parent and it can be a wish but not always a vocation that which allows you to become a good parent. However,  you cannot always blame the outcome of these kids on their  mother and/or father.

This also happens when you are born with a gifted child, it is not necessarily due to the parents.

Another truth is that as parents we are always ready to give everything to our children, but  we are not always prepared to deal with the consequences of what they learn away from our education. The role models our children take as examples of life outside from their family environment  is the first real barrier between parents and children.

There isn’t a unique efficient method to oppose yourself to this, clear or undermined messages come from publicity, certain songs of the last generation, certain movies as the italian “Gomorra” which are badly interpreted. Also a certain amount of disdainful and inconscious arrogance published on social media which can create actions of violence and/or bullism in the weakest or peers who think differently.

This makes our children, whom we were so proud of, different beings to what we had taught them.

And unfortuntely it sometimes makes us ask ourselves “is this really my child”?

What age do we live in.

I wrote this book for two reasons; first of all my experience as a father which I had never thought to be so demanding, since my child was and still is being followed in every possible way, and the second is to describe the social discomfort our children live in. As quoted by the Italian Institute of Research,  the percentage of juvenile social discomfort has risen allarmingly . Our comunity is coming to terms with a loss of values which implies a series of criminal factors, such as the use of drugs which is less expensive to buy and which hits users younger than 18.  We live in a world of “social alienation” together with an individual despair which has bought us to the destruction of social values which has alwarys distinguished us in the past. This brings us to be less available towards each other , in other words the destruction of human values which should have kept together our society …In my opinion there are various reasons for this, but,  above all,  there is the economic pressure and the endavour of a strong auto affirmation on all social levels. This happens also to adolescents of well to do families who search the means to live on a daily basis. The instruments and the way in which they do this  can be either legal or not… the moment they decide, even without reflecting properly is at the speed of a…click!

As written by Daniel Goleman in emotianal intelligence the outburst of violence between youngsters in these last years is known by everyone. Every week we come across cases of bullism and cyber bullism which cause victims amongst  the adolescents. It Is my personal opinion that it is mainly in adolescents (but sometimes also adults) who need help. There is an inc

Synopsis of the Book 

"... Before CLICK ", An experience as a parent which then become an idea and is nowadays a social programme. To safeguard our adolescents. Our future society and its parents.

 Dedicated to all those parents who are starting to have to deal with adolescence. My sincere hope is that they are ready and especially that they can be helped by this metropolitan society to deal with the many problems that our ‘millenials’ live with, and to be listened to and sustained more than I was..

All this in a big city like Milan between 2012 and 2013 and the problem has not scaled, indeed, authoritative sources such as ISTAT, CNR give the percentage of adolescents social phenomena, growing. In this text you will find the Mia story, at that time, the discovery and the focus of many social problems of adolescents, the biological implications on the organism by those who are drinking alcohol or natural or synthetic drugs, the proposals to solve the phenomenon of bullying and cyberbullying, school, often the scene helplessly from time decay.

Especially the proposals of what to do to solve the problem of Millenis generations, like to the generation of American veterans of Vietnam, social costs like it in the next decade.



  • 15/10/2019
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